8 things

Kathy tagged me with an 8 things meme. I'm a wee bit slow at getting to it but I've been slower.

1. I tend to have hallucinations when I have fevers.

2. When I was a kid the hallucinations used to be the same. It was a cartoon cowboy in a ten-gallon hat along with a herd of animals that would rival the collection on Noah's ark. No matter what I did they kept advancing. In my head I'd retreat and they'd be closer. I'd walk towards them and they would come closer. The worst was when my fever would go up and down because they'd disappear for while only to come back a few hours later. No, they never caught me.

3. I don't think I've ever told anyone about the cartoon cowboy and his stampede. Not even my mother. Even though he terrified me.

4. When I got older the hallucinations changed. I started seeing snakes and tigers in my bed. My mother knew about those.

5. I'm still scared of the cartoon cowboy even though I haven't seen him in years.

6. I'm secretly (ok, not so much now that I've told everyone) relieved to live in a building with doormen because I know if I really needed it they would help me get to a hospital if I was really sick. Or bring me orange juice from the dep in our building.

7. Sometimes when I'm sick I get unreasonably freaked out about sick and alone even though if it was really bad I know I could call people.

8.  My favourite thing to drink when I'm sick? Apple juice.

No, I'm not sick.