A failure of sorts

If you look at the time stamps on my posts you will see that the last post was November 7. This post is November 9. For those of you paying attention that means that I missed yesterday. And that means that I failed NaBloPoMo.

And I'm ok with that.

First let's get to why I didn't post. Yesterday was a travel day for me. And then yesterday evening, which is usually when I do post, instead of sitting at the laptop and typing I was sitting in a room, in front of a fire, chatting with friends. What were we talking about? Our jobs. Religion (surprisingly even me). Evolution (not surprisingly, me). Politics (uh yeah, not me).

Could I have excused myself to nip downstairs and throw out a two line post and then hopped back upstairs? Probably. If I said it was a blog thing they would have understood. But I didn't want to. And in fact, the thought never even crossed my mind. I don't want writing here to be a chore. I don't want it to filled with "empty" content. Sure, there have been times that I've just been plain lazy and this blog has gone quiet as a result. Ditto my book blog. And sometimes I need to force myself to get out of my lazy slump and sit in front of the computer and type.

I like it when there is balance in my life. But there are times when the scales tip in one direction or another. I live alone, work from home and generally speaking don't have a hopping social life. Not finding time to blog is generally not an issue for me. It's more about motivation.

Yesterday the balance weighed in favour of being in the presence of rea!l live! people! and having real conversations. And one of the people who was there is about to leave and go spend six months on the other side of the world. It's not like I can come back to Ottawa next month and hang out with this group of people. I wasn't going to leave to go write just 'cause.

Now, if it was a different situation, if I had a writing assignment due and I had a deadline - well that's different. That's someone else expecting me to do something and me having committed to them that I'll get it done. There may even be a contract involved. That's not personal - that's professional. And I'd rather eat glass than miss a deadline when there aren't extenuating circumstances. That's not a time when I'd say, "But we were having this really great conversation, you see?" This is my personal blog - my no rules, no deadlines, no pressure spot.

For me NaBloPoMo wasn't so much about writing every day. It wasn't about getting a prize (to be honest, until someone said something the other day I forgot there were prizes). But it was about getting back in the saddle and writing again - something I think has happened. I'm not feeling blog-blocked like I had been for several months. I'll continue to try to post daily for the rest of month in the spirit of the challenge. But for missing this particular day? I don't mind that one iota and I'm not sorry.