Even the laundry is plotting against me

I don't think I'll ever be one of those people who have to go out and find their crazy. Crazy keeps finding me.

Tonight, one of the washing machines tried to eat my clothes. Or hold them hostage. In any case it really, really liked them and didn't want to give them up.

Just before 6 I put in two loads of laundry. Around 6:40 I wandered down there (I was a bit after the time they should have been finished) to find that one load of my clothes was sitting on top of one of the dryers. I HATE that. I mean, I got down there all of 5 minutes after the washer finished. I hate the thought of people riffling through my clothes (thankfully all my "intimates" are handwashed cause the thought of someone fondling my underwear totally skeeves me out).

The other washer? Still showing 36 minutes left. Seeing as how the cycles start at 37 minutes this was not an encouraging sign. As the crazy lady in the laundry room pointed out to me. Repeatedly. It kept flashing to reset the cycle. So I did.  And then I did my best to be polite to the crazy lady who kept saying, "But! Your clothes are LOCKED IN THERE! Aren't you worried? I'd be worried. I'm worried for you. Look, it's still not working. Your clothes are in there! What are you going to doooooooooo?"

I'll tell you what I'm doing lady. I'm getting the hell out of here and hoping that you won't be down here when I come back in 20 minutes to check on the washer again. And just to make sure you don't keep trying to talk to me while I'm waiting for the elevator I'm taking the stairs. Ok, fine. I always take the stairs when I'm not carrying things.

About 20 minutes later I go back downstairs and approach the laundry room cautiously. No crazy lady! Whew!

Washing machine still showing 36 minutes. Shit.

Hmmm it's not showing "door locked". So I open the door, slam it shut and reset the cycle. Woohoo! It seems to work.

Go back upstairs. Go back downstairs 30 minutes later. Laundry in dryer finished. Laundry in washing machine stuck on 20 minutes. GAH! I've been trying to get this one load washed for 90 minutes now.

Play with the buttons a bit more, grab the clothes out of the dryer and head back upstairs. 10 minutes later go back down and it's still not working. But the door isn't locked (I think it unlocks if nothing happens after awhile?) so I grab my very wet clothes and throw them in the dryer.

On the way back upstairs I report the problem to my doorman and they'll report it to management in the morning. In another 30 minutes I'll head back downstairs to rescue my laundry. Hopefully it won't still be dripping wet.