Arg! Spit!

Remember my reaction to the Anne prequel? And then to the movie?

Yes well, more news on the movie (found via Leila...thanks...I think...). Shirley MacLaine is in it. Normally I'd find the news that she's going to be appearing in a Canadian made for tv movie interesting. But Shirley, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? It's just WRONG.
MacLaine's character, Amelia Thomas, is based upon a reference in Montgomery's first novel, published in 1908.

Thomas is a wealthy, powerful and unlikeable widow who runs Marysville, New Brunswick, a prosperous lumber town with saw, cotton and cider mills.

After taking in her daughter-in-law, Louisa Thomas (Blanchard) and grandchildren, Thomas' miserable temperament is transformed by Anne Shirley (Endicott-Douglas) and her playful imagination.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Again. And again I shouldn't be surprised because this is Sullivan, the man who ruined the series with this third stupid Anne mini-series (really, don't get me started on that rant).

Anne's life before Marilla and Matthew was not a good life. It was dark and bad and she was ill-used. There was no happiness. Don't these people remember that the only things that Anne had were her imagination and her window-friend?