Stress relief - Neanderthal style

A friend called me up today and said that he was doing spear throwing demonstrations for his anthro class.  Quite conveniently this corresponded with the end of my work day (more or less).  So I returned his call and said I'd be there when I could and I'd bring my spears and spear-thrower so that there would be a few more to add the circulation.

I didn't throw a lot of spears. In fact, I only threw one. But watching the kids get to try out this very cool activity that honestly, very few people get a chance a try. Plus, they are anthro students, mostly first year, who are open to new things. It's just fun to see people get excited about things. Even when they are self conscious and worried about looking stupid in front of their classmates.

It's something that most us don't ever do in a work environment - risk looking stupid to ask a question or try something new in front of our peers.

But after what felt like a very long day it was nice to see people get excited about stuff.