A grocery store mystery

One of the things that I really hate about working on a Saturday is that I then have to try to squeeze my whole weekend into Sunday. It rarely goes well. Because then I have to do all of the errands and none of the relaxing. And, of course, my to do list for the weekend was a bit long. Basically a lot of it just plain isn't going to get done. I'll live. But then I'm away for most of next weekend which means that the weekend after that is going to be a catch up weekend and just BAH. I want to sit on my ass and be lazy. But I'm not seeing so much of that in the near future.

One of the many things on the to do list was to go grocery shopping. I actually like to go grocery shopping early in the day on weekends. In the neighbourhood I live in that means most of the students are still in bed/out for breakfast/hungover. Today there was a student ahead of me who was getting his groceries delivered. Except for one item that he took with him. Now, when I get my groceries delivered I sometimes will take home stuff that need refrigeration (like say, ice-cream) or if it's something I want to eat right away.  What did this guy take with him? An onion.  That's it. Just an onion.

Which makes me wonder...what was he doing that he could wait for a few hours to have his groceries delivered but absolutely needed an onion immediately? Any ideas?