Poor little blog

I neglect it something shameful. I have so many thing to put here. So many books as of yet undiscussed. It's coming...I swear.

In the mean time, a friend asked me to put together a reading list for him. I believe the fact that I've introduced him to Christopher Moore may have much to do with this. ;) So I've started a list in my head. It's fiction heavy because he made the mistake of telling me he tends not to read fiction. You know me, I'm fiction heavy.

So aside from everything that Christopher Moore has ever written I need to add some more things to the list. I'm thinking the first two Dexter books (on the advice of friends I'm pretending the third does not exist...). The Three Musketeers on the classics front. Bang, Crunch for short stories. Curse of the Narrows in Canadian History. John Green's books (seeing as I've said I'd marry both him AND Christopher Moore it's only fair they both make the list...). The Boys. Marc Acito's How I Paid for College. If he hasn't read it already, To Kill a Mockingbird.

What books would you put on the list?