A-Z revisited

So yeah...remember that whole A-Z challenge I started and then for the last 6 months have largely ignored? Yeah! That one. Denise has been chatting about it and well, now I feel like I ought to be putting on a big push to get it done. But there's a bit of a problem. You see had I originally made the list when I had a kick-ass library very close to me. Right now? No library. Which is a wee bit problematic. Especially since I'm kind of on a no book buying thing (and I don't necessarily want to own some of these books). But I do own 9 of the unread books. Which leaves 5 that I don't own (actually, I never did set a book for Z...). Am I going to read these in the next month? Unlikely. I think I'll be extending this a wee bit, like until June. And I may need to replace some of the books that I can't get anymore. First priority will be with unread titles that are on my shelves, and then whatever I can find if not.

And why is it that I always have such great plans to get this blog up to date and then never do? I think my brain sleeps all weekend. sigh.