A day off

Actually, two days off since I'm taking off Monday as well (we don't talk about how late I worked last night or the fact that I will need to do a few hours of work this weekend mkay?).

And what am I going to do with my day off? I'm about to pour myself a cup of coffee. And then I will sit on my ass and read for a few hours. And then I will go shower and get dressed and hopefully go meet Cat for lunch. And then I'll do some shopping. And maybe I'll join the gym (haven't gotten to it yet). And then I'll come home and decide what I want to order in for dinner cause I've decided I'm not cooking tonight.

And then tomorrow I'll do much of the same only I'll do grocery shopping instead of other shopping.

And Sunday? Sunday maybe I'll actually clean.  And somewhere in there I'll do laundry.  And Monday I'll lament the fact that I had four days off and did nothing.

So basically, I'm doing the usual.

Oh and there will be knitting. I've got a large sock on some needles (it's a practice sock with practice yarn, not the pretty yarn I bought the other week therefore I don't care about gauge which means the result will likely be amusing). And I may cast on for a sleeveless shirt. Or maybe a scarf. Or maybe nothing. Who knows?

I just know that I have four days sprawling before me and nothing that needs to be done. *grin*