101 things update - long overdue....

So apparently I have no updated my 101 things since June. Zan and Denise put me to shame with their monthly updates.  And mine is still not on the first of the month, but whatever.  So the updates since June....

  • Don’t buy a single book for a month x4 3 (didn’t buy a book in May/07 or September/07)

  • Go to Ottawa and have lunch with the people I work with (I've actually done that a time or two now...)

  • Clean closet x4 (3) (Some of these were seriously unexciting things weren't they???)

  • Clean my desk x6 (2)

  • Update the blogroll on my book blog x3 (2)

I'm getting some of the boring stuff done. But less of the fun stuff. I need to work on that.