Goals for the week

Because time seems to be flying by at supersonic speed. I swear there is some sort of space/time distortion between weekdays and weekends. The weeks last forever and I blink and the weekend is over. Blarg.

  1. Join the Y. Yeah, yeah. I know. I join a gym, I don't go. But I need to try because I'm a lazy lump and my lower back is getting bitchy again. As I've mentioned before, I have gym anxiety. And in the words of Joshilyn Jackson, "I have co-ordination of a dead drunk sloth in a wind machine." I'll just uh stay away from step classes (trust me, it's a very painful scene).

  2. Get caught up on my book blogging at Sassymonkey Reads. I'm so shamefully behind and I have no excuse other than laziness. But before I can blog I need to figure out what the heck I've read.

  3. Plan out some BlogHer posts and try to post before 10pm on post days. ;) And hey, keep an eye out over there. You may see me posting about some non-bookish stuff.

  4. Clean apartment and do laundry. See part above about me being a lazy lump.

  5. Email people that I owe emails.

  6. Try to get through the week without having a breakdown. Believe it or not, this is possibly the most challenging thing on this list.

Also, a sidenote...

If you call me and when I answer you ask who is speaking expect me to very bitchily reply with "Who's calling? You called me." Or something along those lines. My momma told me not to talk to strangers or tell them my name. That applies when strange people call me and then ask who they are talking to.

Man I hate wrong numbers.