I got one of my Etsy orders yesterday. I ordered some jewelery from The Mymble's Daughter.

I got myself the Marie Antoinette necklace. (I can't tell you what the other item was I got because it's someone's Christmas gift.)

Aside from the fact that it's purty the impressive thing is that I ordered my items on November 4 and they arrived today. And they had to go allllllllllllll the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Nice eh? And I reaaaalllllyyyyy want this necklace but um...I think I'll sit on that thought for awhile. I have more gifties to buy people.

Too bad Amazon can't send my packages that quickly. *grumble* Now I remember why I rarely order from Amazon...they take flipping forever to ship things.

Also, I figured out how to go grocery shopping and not spend a lot of money and barely deviate from your list - get eyestrain and a horrid headache that leave you feeling queasy. All that you'll want to do is get the heck back home.