Feeling knitty

I don't know if it's the time of year, the after effects of Crazy Aunt Purl's book (she posted a comment here by the way....hee!) or just the fact that there doesn't seem to be the same knitting community here that there was in Toronto (not that I ever participated....the hard core knitters kinda scared me...) but I'm feeling knitty. So I did what any sane person who was feeling knitty would do - I bought sock yarn.

Now, of course I've never knit socks. And the thought scares me. But I figure if it scares me it's a good enough reason to try. And since it's going to be scary I figured I needed sometime to tempt me to work on them. What is better than pretty colours???

Merino Sock Yarn in Meadow colorway



Merino Sock Yarn in Saltillo colourway






Merino Sock Yarn in Wildflower colourway








And because I loved the colour so much....

I also bought some Sportweight Merino in Kiwi Lime Colourway.



Don't those colours just make you HAPPY? Yeah, I thought so. All of them are from Fearless Fibres (really, how appropriate a name is that?) and I bought them at their Etsy store. (Etsy takes PayPal and right now stores that take PayPal are my new bestest friends.)

So now I have to figure out how to knit socks. I think I may attempt the first pair on some not quite so nice wool. But first I need to find a pattern.

And then some day....when I've got this sock thing figured out and I'm not quite so intimidated by the idea...some day I'm going to make these socks from Knitty. I think the name is quite appropriate don't you?