The Spell Book of Listen Taylor

I was following the breadcrumbs from Westerblog to the NYT looking for the children's fall book review. While I was there I saw a book review for The Spell Book of Listen Taylor. The name seemed vaguely familiar to me and even if I turned out to be off it would likely be interesting.

Well it turns out it was familiar to me, just not as that title. The Spell Book of Listen Taylor is actually a repackaging of I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes, written by Jaclyn Moriarty.  I read IHaBMoBP in May 2006. At the time it was nigh impossible to find a copy of it in the US (I had gotten my copy from the library). I think I may have even sent a copy to Denise but I'm not sure...

So if you were at all intrigued by the novel when I first posted about it, you can get it now. Only it will now be in the YA section. And it has changed a little.
This novel has the same cast (with some fiddling: here, Listen is Marbie’s boyfriend’s daughter) and structure, eliminating some chapters (and racy language) and moving others around. On the whole, the re-editing has resulted in some welcome tightening.

I have to say I liked the original cover a lot more, along with the original tag-line "A fairy tale for grown-ups".  Oh well, just another example of how the line between YA and Adult fiction is indeed very fuzzy.