Running on Empty

I've had a busy few months. Quite busy. Work busy. But also personal life busy. I'm not used to personal life busy.

For the last few years I've spent much of my time either sitting in front of the computer working, sitting in front of the tv because sitting in front of the computer working has turned my brain into something resembling gruel, or reading. There were occasional dinners out, movie dates with friends, beers at a pub. But generally speaking most of the last few years have been spent with me in my apartment, in comfy clothes, bare feet and with a blanket (blankets are required for all three major activities listed above).

But the last few months...well, they've been busy. First I moved. Then I started going to Ottawa at least once a month. Then there were lunches and stuff with Kit-Cat (luckily like me she's also much into the quiet stuff so when we are doing things that don't involve going out for lunch they mostly involve sitting around and drinking tea...although possibly because every time one of us utters a sentence with the word "movie" in it she gets violently ill). Weekends at the cottage. Company for the weekend. Trip to Wawa for a wedding which involved more time in a car than I think I've spent in a car for the last 3 years.

It feels like it's been run, run, run, run, RUN.

And now I feel like I'm running on empty. And I'm at a loss for how to refuel. Do I need a week off to sit on my butt and read novels and sleep? Do I need a week of eating yummy food? Do I need to join a gym and work out regularly hoping to magically develop this thing known as "energy" (although where I'm supposed to find the inner fuel to actually work out is a question I don't have the energy for).