I'm home! I'm home! I'm home!

Did ya miss me???

In the past week I travelled more than 2000 miles. By car. Which you know, doesn't sound so bad except that most of those miles were done over two days in a car with three guys. Not that they weren't lovely guys but they are still guys ya know?

Where did I go?


Yes, the place with the world's largest goose.  Yes, I did get my picture taken with it but it's on my friend's camera, not mine.

And yes, Wawa really is in the middle of nowhere but you know what? The drive to the middle of nowhere is actually pretty damned nice. On the way there we went through Lake Superior Provincial Park. At sunset. Do I really need to say anything else aside from that we really should have pulled over to take photos and watch it? (We're totally forgiven for that as by that time we had been in the car for more than 12 hours).  I have never seen the sun look that huge. And speaking of huge, Lake Superior is ginormous. So not only was the sun huge and a stunning blazing orange but it looked like it was sinking into edge of the earth.  Makes me understand why people thought the earth was flat.

And yes, I also saw a moose. I didn't get a picture of it but thankfully it was having a bath in a river and was not standing in front of our car on the highway. Cause that really would have sucked. Those guys are huge!

Wawa was nice. The wedding was wonderful. It was great to see family. But I'm really darned happy to be home again.

Even if I can't figure out how the heat works in my new apartment.