Who is with me?

I just signed up for NaBloPoMo. I'm not going to be doing it on this blog, but on my other blog. I'm not going to say that I find it easy to post here with regularity lately (seeing as I am rather far behind in my reviews, that would be a boldfaced lie). But rather that I find it easier to post here with regularity between reviews, book news, pooter posts... 'Cause you see this blog is themed. My other blog? Not so much. I've described it as "word vomit littered with mass misuse of punctuation (and occasionally vocabulary) and a parenthetical addiction." It's really all over the place, with no real them - just a hodgepodge of stories, reflections, and mishaps about my life. Which, in my mind at least, makes it much harder to find daily updates.  I've opened up comments to questions that you want to ask me about just about anything over there. So if you have a question that you want to ask me you can post here or there and sometime over the next month I just might answer (possibly not truthfully mind you...but I promise to make it amusing and obvious that I am making it up...).

Alternatively, is anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year? Before you ask, no I am not. The thought of doing it kinda makes me want to hide under my bed. I have nothing but the greatest respect for those of you who can do it.

After posting about both yesterday on BlogHer I discovered there's also NaVloPoMo. And possibly something in the works for podcasters too (click on the NaVloPoMo link for more info on that one).

So who's doing it? Or who has questions? Or suggestions for me?

Now I must run off and try to find my sanity. I'm sure I left it around here somewhere...