Bucking the trend

I have a confession to make. I've kept it buried deeeeeeeep down for years now. But it's time to say it. It may shock you.

I hate my George Foreman grill. With a passion. Loathe it. Occasionally dream of putting it in the middle of the floor and whacking it with a baseball bat.

This is the grill that I have.

I haaaaaaaaate it.

I have used other version of the grill, which I will confess are better than the craptastic version I have. But I still very much dislike them.

Which means I want a new grill. I'm thinking that I would like to have one of the ones that have the removable plate so that it's both a grill and a griddle. Anyone have one of those? The Cuisinart one has  some pretty good reviews on Amazon.