IFOA, you know I love you. I want to pet you and hug you and name you George (it's easier to say than IFOA). But for the love of books can you hire a blogger? Maybe? Pretty please?

While I'm very happy that you actually HAVE a blog I hate to tell you that you are being scooped by bloggers who actually attend events.

And the Quillblog.

Don't believe me?

Look at the IFOA blog coverage of the Anansi Press birthday party.

And now, the Quill and Quire blog coverage. (Speaking of which...did anyone liveblog the roundtable with David Gilmour that the post mentions???)

IFOA - get some livebloggers there. Seriously. Or at least maybe provide some details and maybe some quippy content. Because right now your blog is about as interesting as watching paint dry.