It's GG Shortlist Day!

The GG's are here! The GG's are here!

Of course there are so many categories in the GG's that the shortlist isn't really so short. There are 74 books!

In the fiction category it's no surprise that both Ondaatje and Vassanji are on the list. I mean, we all expected that right? BUT! BUT! Heather O'Neill is on the list too with Lullabies for Little Criminals is on there too! I really, really want to read it but I keep forgetting to buy it (oopsie...). David Chariandy's Soucouyant (was this on another list? Maybe the Giler long list? ) and Barbara Gowdy's Helpless round out the fiction list. With the except of O'Neill there are no surprises really.

Margarat Atwood got a nom for her poetry with The Door. She's also a juror for the English Children's Lit - Illustration prize. So's Michael Martchenko. I love Michael Martchenko!

I'm always interested in the non-fiction list because I keep thinking that it will be a preview of the Charles Taylor prize (although it often isn't). No surprise with John English's volume on Trudeau making the list (I'm expecting to see this one the Taylor list in 2008). The English to French translation by Suzanne Anfossi got a nod too.

And wooty-woot! Stephanie Nolan's 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa is nominated! I've been sloowwwwwllllyyy reading it for months. It's one of those books you can't unread because it will never leave your brain, eg. the fact that the average life expectancy of women in Zambia had been reduced to 37 years. 37 YEARS!

As usual I don't know any of the children's books.

Winner's announced November 15th!