Heyer is literary crack

Or at least that is what I told a coworker today. That happens to be the same coworker that got me hooked on Heyer by sending me three of her books. The shipment was split so I just got one a couple of weeks ago and read it last week. This is in addition to the Heyer I read a few weeks ago and didn't blog about yet. So...here's some Heyer for you.

After I read the first two Heyer's within the first week and didn't know when the third would show up I wandering to a few stores to see if I could find a Heyer to tide me over.

After going to several stores I managed to find one (ONE!) Heyer. The Foundling.

The thing that I really like about Heyer is that there is always comedy. Sure they are Regency romances but they are Regency romances that make me chuckle. And who doesn't like a good chuckle?

The Duke of Sale lives a boring and predictable life. His parents died when he was a just a wee babe and he was a sickly child therefore has been coddled his entire life, with everyone telling him exactly what to do and when and what to wear while doing it (because a chill just would not do). And the Duke dreams of being Mr. Nobody Special without a fortune and duties and most certainly without staff telling him what to do every minute of every day. So when he finds his younger cousin is essentially being blackmailed by the charming foundling, Belinda, he decides he's going to take care of it. He's going to take off for a few days, without staff, without telling anyone where he's going, and fix his cousin's problem. He's going to be Mr. Nobody Special.

Needless to say things don't go quite as he plans...

When I returned from Wawa I had a package waiting for me. Yay! I love packages (well...as long as they are not COD...). It was the last of the Heyer's that my friend sent me. I had been a bit worried that The Foundling would be the last book (because I knew it was a Heyer but not what one) so I was thrilled when it wasn't. Yay! A new Heyer.

I was a wee bit concerned when I started Friday's Child. You see, I thought that Lord Sheringham (Sherry) was going to prove be nothing but a sulk. I can't stand sulky men. I especially cannot stand sulky male heroes. But he proved to not be a sulk. Excellent.

At the beginning of the novel Sherry proposes to The Beauty (seriously, that's what the guys call her). When she rejects him, he goes home and gets into a row with his mother and annoying uncle (there's always an annoying uncle) and proclaims that he will marry the next woman he sees. As he's running away toward London he stops when he sees his childhood friend sitting by the road crying. After he stops to talk to her and tries to cheer her up he tells her what he's up to and of course she has to say "But I'm the first woman you've seen silly!" So what else was there to do but elope? But they agree that nothing in Sherry's life really has to change. The girl, Hero (yes seriously), is barely out of the schoolroom and is an innocent as a child and with no one to take her under their wing and teach her (Sherry's mother is quite displeased with the match) she, of course, gets into all kinds of scrapes that Sherry has to get her out of. But, also of course, Hero is in love with Sherry and Sherry is not in love with Hero...or at least he doesn't realize that he's in love with Hero, and Hero thinks that Sherry still loves The Beauty and well...you can guess where this is going.

I seem to do this thing when I read Heyer's. I start reading and after a chapter or two decide it's never going to be an entertaining as the last one I read and I'm not going to like it as much and it just simply won't measure up. It probably didn't help that many people told me that the first one I read was their favourite. But then another chapter or two into it I find myself laughing and cheering along with the characters and I can't put the damned book down. Which, of course, presents its own problems. Because then I finish it and I don't have another to read darn it!

Right now I'm in the "darn it!" phase but not for long. Remember how in September I said I wasn't buying any books? Well, I came very close to caving on that. You see I discovered that Chapters actually had a number of Heyer books in their online bargain bin. Heyer's for less than $5. And I wasn't buying any books. You can see how I almost caved. But I didn't. Nope. Not at all. And then I was out of town for just a little over a week at the first of the month. But this week I finally got around to looking online to see if they were still on sale (I was a wee bit worried that they wouldn't be and then I'd have to cry). So now I'm waiting for my books to be delivered. FIVE of them. FIVE Heyer's for less than $5 each. Gold I tell you, GOLD.

Yep, Heyer is literary crack.