I've got a big ole backlog of stuff

It really isn't that I've been lazy lately. It's more that I've been busy. I had company for a weekend. I went to Ottawa. I went to Wawa (home of the world's largest goose!). And that's just over the last 10 days! So I know y'all will forgive me for being behind.

So this is a part pooterish post on what I have to blog about and part to remind me that I need to blog about things!

  1. Eat, Pray Love (will be hitting BlogHer with this one (this Saturday I think...) but you can see a preview of my thoughts here) Edit: Post up at Blogher.

  2. The 100 mile diet

  3. The Foundling (another Heyer - yay Heyer!) - post up along with another Heyer

  4. Tithe (finally read a Holly Black book!)

  5. Looking for Alaska (Yes! There will be more John Green gushing!)

  6. Veil of Roses

Hmmm I may be missing a book somewhere but that looks mostly right in terms of what I've read over the last couple of weeks.

I have a big ole pile of books to read too, including Everything I Know About Being A Girl I Learned From Judy Blume. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this one. I'll soon be ready to post about one of my burlesque books too!

Let's not talk about the RIP II challenge. I'm behind. I still love this challenge though.

The Giller Shortlist was announced! Overall I'm not really surprised. I mean, did anyone really expect Vassanji or Ondaatje to NOT make the shortlist? Yeah, that's what I thought. Anyone else in Canada planning to watch the awards live on TV? Even better - anyone having a Giller party? Ohhh that would be fun! If only I knew people in this city that actually cared about the Giller!

We're only ONE WEEK AWAY from the announcement of the GG finalists! Oh how I love October!

Speaking of ONE WEEK AWAY - the IFOA starts next week. Makes me miss being in Toronto. Events that I'd like to see people blog about (and if you are blogging them or know someone who is CONTACT ME PLEASE) are:

  • Round table: David Gilmour, Daniel Handler and Bernard MacLaverty

  • Interview: Céline Curiol and Nancy Huston (Francophone authors really need more coverage in English media)

  • House of Anansi Press 40th Anniversary

  • Round Table: Diane Ackerman, Jakob Arjouni, Ian Holding

  • YoungIFOA: J.K. Rowling comes to Canada (please, please, PLEASE tell me someone got passes to that and is liveblogging it!)

  • Reading: Jasper Fforde, Spider Robinson, Robert J. Sawyer, Jay MillAr

  • Round Table: Robert Hough, Anna Porter, Rudy Wiebe

  • YoungIFOA: Kit Pearson

  • YoungIFOA: Kenneth Oppel (!!!! Perhaps a good time to mentioned that YoungIFOA events are free...)

  • YoungIFOA: Matthew Skelton

  • Reading: Larry Gaudet, David Gilmour, Rudy Wiebe, Margaret Christakos

If I hadn't just gotten back home from a wedding I'd be tempted to take about 10 days off work and become an IFOA junkie.

Now if I could just figure out out how to get the heat in my apartment to work...