Oprah's school

I'm introducing a new category called "Things I Don't Understand." Cause seriously? There are so many thing I don't understand.

Like why all the big boys and girls have their undies in a twist over Oprah building a school for girls in Africa. So what? It's her money. Last time I checked I was able to spend my cash on whatever the heck I wanted to. I could blow it on liquor (although my body would seriously hate me). Or I could give my paycheck to MSF. Or I could spend a lot of money on books. Oh scratch that, I've been doing that lately anyway.

And what's the big deal about 200 thread count sheets? They really aren't that luxurious. The Martha Stewart sheets that you get at K-Mart or Sears or Target or wherever the heck they are have a higher thread count than that. And they last a heck of a lot longer than bargain basement sheets. What's wrong with wanting to stock the school with good quality stuff? It sure beats stocking it with crappy stuff that would need to be replaced way more often.

Ok, I get some people don't like Oprah. I'm on the fence about her myself. I just don't get why people think this school is a bad thing. Can I blame the patriarchy for this one? Cause you know, she's not just educating anyone. No, she's educating GIRLS. And a girl with an education can be a very dangerous thing. Next thing you know they will want jobs. And then they will run for political office. And then they they will TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

And it'll all be Oprah's fault I guess.