I'm gonna read this far

Have you ever done something and really realized that you do it and then wonder if other people do it too?

A number of years ago a roommate told me that when she was a kid she used to throw her ball of yarn across the room and then knit until it was close and then throw it again. She said that it was kind of like saying "I'm gonna knit this far."

I just realized I do this with books. It's true that I end to binge on books. I'll often start one with the intent of only reading a few chapters but generally speaking it's usually 4 or 5 hours later that I stop - usually when I've reached the end of the book. But if I'm trying to ration out the book, eg. if I'm using it as my before bed reading, etc., I find that I frequently stick a bookmark in to a spot a chapter or three from my stopping point.

I just realized that I'm saying "I'm gonna read this far." I just found myself doing it with a non-fiction book I'm reading. I'm placing the bookmark at the end of the chapter and saying to myself, "Ok, I'll at least read this far." I sometimes struggle with non-fiction. Depending on the book it can sometimes be tedious and it just seems so. darned. long. It's like by putting in the bookmark I'm giving myself permission to really focus on that one bit and then if at the end of it I'm really sick of it I can put it down. Or if not I can move it one chapter ahead (never let it be said that I don't get goals for myself).

Portion control for books. Ya gotta love it. Now if only someone could put controls on my TBR list...