Cinderella Pact

the cinderella pactLookie there. I finished a book. I feel like I've really slowed down lately and I know that's really not a bad thing as it generally means I'm doing other things (like laundry! and grocery shopping!) but it feels weird.

In the Cinderella Pact Nola and her two best friends make a pact to lose weight once and for all. One of them goes on a strict diet and exercise plan with a personal trainer, one has gastric bypass surgery, and one is doing it by changing their eating habits (partly with Weight Watchers) and exercise. Nola agrees to this because the reason it came about it due to a column written by Belinda Apple on how she lost weight. But what Nola's friends don't know is the Nola *is* Belinda Apple, in addition to being her editor. Nola's friends don't know this because no one knows this except for Nola. At the same time they start the pact, Belinda Apple is under investigation at the magazine.

The Cinderella Pact... it wasn't bad. Sure, predictable in parts and unbelievable in others but that's pretty much par for the course with most chick-lit/romance anyway. Nola was pretty likable. I'm not sure it was worth staying up until 1:30am to finish but oh well, it was a Saturday night. ;)