Mmmmmmmm meat

Schwartz's Hebrew Delicatessen: The StoryIf you have been to Montreal and have not visited Schwartz's it may be argued that you really haven't been Montreal at all. Montreal smoked meat has no equal. Sure, New Yorkers will argue that pastrami is just as good but it's lies I tell you, LIES! Yes, this is me yelling about the meat in a sandwich. There's just nothing to beat Montreal smoked meat and of those Schwartz's kicks ass. And while I'm not in love with it to the point of Bill Brownstein, the author of Schwartz's Hebrew Delicatessen: The Story, there are days when nothing is better than Schwartz's. Unfortunately there is only one Schwartz's and it's in Montreal and I am not. Once upon a time I used to live just two blocks away from Schwartz's. I just to walk by everyday and see the lineups outside and sigh. Unfortunately that was also one of my poorest years and well...that just sucked (as did walking by the Portuguese bakery right on my corner every morning and not being able to buy anything).

Who are the people in line? People like you and me and then you've got your rock stars (apparently the Rolling Stones request to have it back stage at their Montreal shows), politicians (at least three of the four most recent Prime Ministers have been there), comedians, agents, and apparently Celine Dion (although I doubt that's a selling point for most people...). It's just quite simply an institution.

It's a darned good thing I'm going to Montreal in two weeks. Otherwise I might be tempted to go to the far inferior chain restaurant that serves smoked meat in this city. But a Schwartz's Smoked meat sandwich medium - lean is just wrong on many levels), fries, a pickle and a cherry coke. Now that's mmm mmm good!

Interesting book but likely only interesting to anyone who has spent any time at Schwartz's...or stood in line to get into it. ;)