Dairy Queen

diary queenSheesh! I'm behind. I finished Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock on December 30th and I still haven't written about it. Don't take that to mean that I didn't like it.

Ok, I'll admit. I was uncertain about it when I first started reading it despite the fact that I had read good things about it. It's kinda odd that I read Dairy Queen right after reading On Living Fearlessly. Cause that's kinda what D.J. is working toward doing - live fearlessly. And I think she does a pretty good job of it under the circumstances.

But the cow talk - that is the talk about people being cows - kinda made me think of the book Animal Husbandry. Did anyone read that? It was the basis for the movie Someone Like You. Hugh Jackman in his underwear...mmmmmmmmmmm....sorry...was I talking about something???

It's good and I'm happy to say that becuase when I first started reading it I didn't think I was going to. Not really issue-y although it does deal with topics (to varying degrees) like dealing with over-bearing parents, family conflict, taking on responsibility, doing things that don't fit into conventional gender roles and homosexuality.

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