Update of sorts

I'm a bit all over the place right now and TIRED.

  • - Yes, I got a new job. I've switched positions in my current company to a management role. I'm still not convinced it's really happened because I never though it would happen at this stage. It's frightening and exciting all at the same time. And by time intimidating. So far not too stressful as I still don't know everything and am not even aware of some of the things that I "should" know. I figure the stress will hit me in about another week? But this new job is a good thing.

  • - Spreadsheets are my new best friend.

  • - I need to start making and stocking up real meals on the weekend cause right now I seem to spend most of the time on the phone or staring at spreadsheets and then BOOM! it's 2pm and I haven't eaten.

  • - I really, really love my bed. I think I need to spend more time in it.

  • - My nephew is moving out for the first time. He's 18. And he's only moving about 5,000km away from home. Siggggghhhhhhh.

  • - I really, really need to get used to this new job thing cause right now I'm too tired and distracted to read.

  • - My tax person tracked me down today and I really, really appreciate it because I didn't have time to track *them* down and I've been thinking that I really needed to do that. How'd she find me? Through my blog.  How'd I find her? Through a blogging community. Yay for blogging!

  • - It's bedtime. Yay bed!