More interesting TV

Tonight CBC is airing The Greatest Canadian Invention, at 8pm EST. (Perhaps this is a good time to mention that I don't work for the CBC...).

What did Canadian invent? Well here's the 50 inventions on the show tonight.

My favourite? Difficult. I love me the Canadarm. I've actually been in the control room for it. Admit it- you think that's damn cool. And I love me a Bloody Caesar (so not to be consumed before using the Canadarm...). And what kind of Canadian would I be if I didn't like goalie masks??? Or the retractable beer case handle??? And umm hello...INSULIN (thank you Mr's Banting and Best). And I think that Java is part of what allows me to do my work. Ditto the telephone. And with my love of underwear the WonderBra should be on my list. And ummm poutine. Yes, poutine that wonderfully perfect artery-clogging creation.

But seriously I think that the highlight will be Margaret Atwood musing over the wonder that is the caulking gun...

(And for the homeschoolers there's a GCI in the classroom lesson plan available - clicky)