I'm nothing if not prompt...not really

I finally hooked up the printer/scanner/copier thingy that came with my computer when I bought in October.  Almost three months ago to be exact.  I must say, I likey.  I should have hooked it up ages ago. I'm loving the copier part of it. This means I don't have to go the library to make photocopies of my expenses anymore. Score! Maybe that means I'll actually send them in on a regular basis (I've even added it to my outlook calendar, lol). I haven't tried to scan any photos yet. I'm tired and I don't have the energy for it. But hey, I hooked it up. Aren't you proud?

Mind you, I really needed to clean my apartment too. But part of the reason I hooked up the "new" printer is because my work printer is being wonky and some head needs to be cleaned and I can't find the software.  And I needed to print things because aside from sending in my expenses I also need to send in my contract. Yay contract. I'm employeed for at least another year.  I'll have to celebrate being employed another day cause I'm TIRED and I'm off to bed to read for a bit before passing out.