101 things in 1001 days

Right, so I kinda made a New Year's Resolution this year. It's quite simple. It's STOP FREAKING HIDING ALREADY. Don't you love how I yell at myself. I had a lot of time to think over my vacation and I could not hide from the fact that well, I've been hiding. The last few years have been weird and yes, I'm content with my many, many things in my life. But I'm getting more than a little sick of being in my apartment all the time. And just thinking about doing things instead of, you know, actually DOING them. That was part of the reason why I joined the gym.

And since the whole 101 things in 1001 days list thingy scares the crap out of me I figure that maybe I should do it and find out WHY it scares me. Figured it's as good a reason as any. How'd I hear about this list? As usual though Denise. She's been working on hers for a year. You can go here to see the instructions.

I am starting this list January 3, 2007. I will finish Wednesday, September 30, 2009. I will finish 6 months after my 30th birthday. It's very scary for me to think that far ahead. Seriously scary. I don't do forward planning.

So without further ado, here's my list.

Sassymonkey's 101 things in 1001 days
1. Read a "missed" classic. x10 7 (Jane Eyre, Mansfield Park, The Woman in White)
2. Complete the a-z reading challenge - 26 books (update June 3/07 - 10 of 26 read, update Jan 1/08 - 11 reads)
3. Finish everything on my Summer 2006 Reading Challenge list (better later than never)
4. Don't buy a single book for a month x4 2 (didn't buy a book in May/07 or September/07)
5. Read all the books I have checked out of the library x4 2

Friends and Family:
6. Call Kit-Cat x6
(I've probably called her more than thrice that since I moved back to Montreal)
7. Call Young Anthony x5
8. Call my father x10 8
9. Call Deby x4 (2)
10. Send out Christmas cards x1
11. Send my mother her Mother's Day present on time x1
12. Treat the mommies to a night out and babysit the kidlet x2 (Note: this is going to be much harder to do now that I don't live there anymore)
13. Knit Kit-cat's guitar strap
14. Send someone a card (not an e-card) just 'cause I'm thinking of them x6

15. Get a passport

16. Go to BlogHer
17. Go to Paris Completed Jan 2008
18. Go to PEI to visit my family Completed June/July 2008
19. Visit Calleen Completed June/July 2008

20. Go to Montreal x2 (Good thing I got in my visits early because I'm moving back July 07!)
21. Go to Ottawa and have lunch with the people I work with x1
22. Have a *me* weekend and stay at a B&B
23. Go to Niagara Falls

24. Clean closet x4 (3)
25. Take things to Goodwill x6 (Note: or other similar donation place) Completed June 2008
26. Do the dishes every day for a week x10 (this one is kinda moot now that I have a dishwasher and don't have to handwash everything and in fact I aim NOT do to the dishes everyday because it's a drain on electricity and hello, there's only 1 of me).
27. Create a chore schedule and stick with it for 1 month x3
28. Put laundry away the same day that I do it x4 1
29. Organize the kitchen cupboards x3 (1 - moving does cause one to do that....)
30. Plant a garden (seriously) x1 (Note - slight change on this since I can't do a garden - get a plant and keep it alive for at least a month) - patio container garden planted end of may/early june 2008 - still alive July 2008.
31. Paint my bedroom furniture (bought new furniture and I'm so NOT painting it)
32. Clean out the bathroom cabinet x4 1
33. Purge old magazines x2 (1)
34. Get/make a headboard for my bed
(bought a new bed that came with a headboard)
35. Clean off my dresser x4 (Don't have a dresser anymore!)
36. Sweep every day for a week x10

37. Join the STC
38. Send in my expenses once per month x6
39. Take a course x2
40. Organize my email x3 1
41. Backup my laptop once per month x6
42. Purge and shred old files x3 1
43. Update my portfolio
44. Update my resume
45. Apply for other jobs before my contract is up (crossing this one off the list b/c I'm not on contract anymore, yay!)
46. Clean my desk x6 1

47. Get at least 2 months worth of living expenses (or more) in my emergency fund
48. Pay off total balance on my credits cards x2 1 (one for each card)
49. Make an extra payment on my student loans x3
50. Make a $250 donation to the library
51. Make a $100 donation to MSF
52. Invest in an RRSP
53. Create and stick to a budget for 1 month x4
54. For every task completed at the end of 1001 days make a $1 donation to a charity (I'm being realistic, I don't have $1000 to donate to charity)
55. Buy renter's insurance
56. Take all my change to a coinstar machine and then donate the money to a charity x2

Health and fitness:
57. Get eyes checked x2 1
58. Go to dentist x2 (1)
59. Stop whining about headaches and see doctor about them (there's not a thing wrong with me)
60. Go to gym 3 times a week for 1 month x6
61. Start a weight routine
62. Run a 10k
63. Eat breakfast every day for a week x5
64. Learn how to meditate
65. Do crunches 5x per week x20 (supposedly will help my back pain)
66. Walk the boardwalk every day for a week x4 (Note: since I moved this is switching to just plain walking )
67. Don't eat any junk food (including fast food) for a month

68. Take a dance class
69. Take a class through a local post-secondary institution
70. Perform a random act of kindness x10
71. Volunteer for something in my community x2
72. Go to the ballet (two in June 07)
73. Go to an opera
74. Create a menu plan and stick to it for a week x10
75. Try a new restaurant x6 Completed January 2008
76. Treat myself to a spa day x1
77. Get up when my alarm goes off every day for a week x10 7
78. Go to a regular church service with the mommies x4 (Again, much harder to do since I moved...)
79. Write a thank you note (not email) x6
80. Geek out for a day and watch all of the LOTR movies in one day Completed January 2008
81. Take a candelit bubble bath x10 8
82. Get a(nother) tattoo (May 07)
83. Go to a Stitch and Bitch
84. Go to a trivia night at a pub
85. Knit myself something
86. Send someone a homemade gift
87. Finish a cross stitch
88. Create a book of recipes that I actually *use*
89. Go skating on an outdoor rink
90. Take Dav to the zoo (Again, harder now that I moved)
91. Learn how to sew
92. Go to a museum x3 (2 - Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for Emily Carr exhibit, July 2007, The Louvre January 2008, Musee D'Orsay January 2008 and a bunch more in Europe Jan 2008 including the Vatican Museum)
93. Go for a bra fitting
94. Go skydiving

Computer and bloggy stuff:
95. Create a blog book
96. Update the blogroll on my book blog x3 (1)
97. Go back through old blog entries and fix the formatting x4 2
98. Fix the labels on this blog
99. Try a new recipe and blog about it x10 (9)
100. Post on my food blog on this blog about foodie stuff once a week for a month
101. Blog every day (on a single blog) for a month