I just was updating my reading speadsheet (shut up) and I've only read FIVE books this month. FIVE! I've started and half read a few other books, such as Eat, Pray, Love but didn't have a change to finish them before they went back to the library. But FIVE?!?!

Who am I and what have you done with sassymonkey?

Currently reading: Ghost Map

Edit: Thirteenth Tale post up at BlogHer. Words still wouldn't come out right. My excuse is that my brain is so full it's oozing out my ears.

Edit 2: Several of you have asked how many books I normally read in a month. The lowest I usually hit a month is 8 books. I did that a few months last year. The most I read in a month last year was around 20. And yes, I was hibernating and hiding from the evil vile neighbours who were in the process of being evicted and so *not* happy or pleasant people. I think I generally average about 10-12 but I'm not sure how that's going to work this year with my new role at work. At the moment my motto is kinda "More work! Less life!" (and yet I'm pleased I got this new position...go figure).