Leeeaving on a.....err...train

Jet plane really is the only thing that works there.

The last few days have been busy. As in ape-shit busy.

I'm tired. I want to crawl into bed but I have laundry in the dryer and a mountain of dishes and no dish washer (except for the rare occasions when I cook dinner for Jony - then he does the dishes - he's a good dish washer). I really don't want to deal with dishes and I'm hoping I can get away with not dealing with them until tomorrow morning. I'm ready-to-break-down-and-cry-because-I'm-so-tired tired.

I'm not working tomorrow. Well...not officially. I still need to set my out of office reminder etc.  And I expect I may have a few emails to respond to.  But I'm mostly done!

And then tomorrow afternoon I will hopping on a train and taking off for Montreal. Yay Montreal!

I need to finish packing.  I've got the clothes done and mostly down to what shoes and books to take. You know - the IMPORTANT things.  And making sure Piper doesn't crawl into my open bag and sleep on the clean clothes (I just caught her in the laundry basket).

I'll probably end up only taking "responsible" shoes. I really want to take my pretty boots but they really aren't made for walking around in Montreal in cold winter weather.  Especially when I'm staying on a hill. If it got icy I'd never make it up the hill in those boots.  I know. I used to live in the same building as the friends I'm staying with.  Have you ever stepped onto the sidewalk to find yourself sliding down the hill? I have. I don't recommend it.  Especially if you had actually wanted to walk up the hill.

I have a new favourite thing. It's Jabba.

Jabba is an octopus. He has a face although it's not the above picture from Ikea.  Jabba allows me to hang many bras and many undies all at the same time.  And he tucks himself in when he's not in use. I think Jabba may be my new bestest buddy. I love Ikea.

I only mention this because I really had to do laundry tonight so I have bras to wear while I'm gone. Jabba is helping me out with that.  He's a good guy that Jabba.

In case you haven't figure it out. I'm really tired.  I think I'm going to say screw everything and go to bed.  If you are really lucky I'll do some more train blogging.  And I really hope I won't be seated beside more ball-scratchers.   And I really, really hope I don't end up taking any detours in a school bus.

(And have I mentioned my iRiver stopped working? And I haven't had time to return it??? le sigh)