Cleaning fit

Every now and then I get a cleaning fit. Right now I'm going through a decluttering phase. I've decided that I have too much STUFF.  I really need to make a trip or 5 to Goodwill to drop stuff off. And I've decided to try to get real about the stuff I let go.  Pants that don't fit any more.  Clothes that I'm pretty sure I haven't worn in a year (more formal clothes don't count in this - I'm not giving away any dresses or office clothes...cause you just never know when you're going to need though).  I went through a bunch of old work papers and had a paper shredding spree. I got rid of a entire large recycling bag full of papers. I still have more to go through but both the shredder and I need a rest.

Why all the decluttering? Because I'm sick and tired of looking at things that are lying around and simply don't have a place.  And the truth is some of the stuff I just really don't want.

Plus I blame Skeet.  She was talking about taking another stab at some of her piles lately and it sounded good to me.

I have at least 14 Pilot G2 Blue Gel pens. Does that make me obsessed with them? And how is it that I have that many and yet by the end of the month I'll go to grab one from my holder and there won't be any there?