I just got an email from the library that made me say "woohoo!" out loud. lol

With my library account I'm able to access NetLibrary. While it has both ebooks and electronic audiobooks I've only been able to access ebooks. I only know about the audiobooks because a friend of mine has access to the audiobooks through her library and let me sign in and check out Night by Elie Wiesel close to a year ago.

But the email I just got was an announcement that the TPL is adding audio books to thir NetLibrary Services. Woooohooo! Now I can listen to books when I'm on the streetcar. The streecar is one of the few places I cannot read books - it makes me nauseous (yet most of the time I'm ok in cars, buses, etc). Or I can listen to a book while I'm grocery shopping.

Note to self: Never download a Christopher Moore book and listen to it in public. You *will* make an ass of yourself.