I just took a list at my library account which I've been kinda ignoring.

Books I *must* read because a. I can't renew because people are waiting for them or b. I've already reached max renewals.

  • The Keep by Jennifer Egan

  • The good, good pig by Sy Montgomery

  • Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

  • Bliss by Zulfu Livaneli

The only one I've cracked open at all is the The Keep. I'm maybe 40 pages into it. The others have not been started.

And the day that these books are due is the day that I go away for a self-created long weekend in Montreal. I hate taking library books with me because I'm always paranoid I'll forget them. I have about 5 books due back at the library 2 days after I return. Five books I really want to read and likely won't be able to renew.

Oh, and I have 6 books waiting for me to pick up at the library. Arrrrgggggg. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I SLACK OFF. Let this be a lesson to me.

Now I gotta work so I can get into a reading binge after work. lol