Oh goodie!

My flatware arrived today. Yayyyyyyyyyy!

Although the stupid mailman just left it again instead of making sure I was home. I lost a Christmas package that way. :( Stupid mailman. This is now the third time I've complained about it. Very frustrating.

So I had to call my mom and tell her that the mailman struck again. First she was annoyed and ranted about them not doing their jobs.  She was the one that sent me the package that got lost/stolen/whatever and it had stuff it in that we could replace. :(

Then she was all "Wait a minute, what package?"

Me: I ordered flatware.

Mom: What happened to you being tight with your money?

Me: It's *Paderno* flatware Mom.

Mom: Does it come with a lifetime guarantee like the rest of their stuff? Wait a minute, you didn't answer my question.

Me: It does. And it weighs a ton.

Mom: My question?

Me: Oh...um...it was on sale? Clearance actually. Nice and cheap. Only $30. I got TWO sets.

Mom: Clearance? Hmmm..wait a minute! Why did you get two sets???

Me: Cause there's only four placings in a set. Four isn't enough. I hate to get two. And with shipping it only came to $70.

Mom: That makes sense. But did you really need it?

Me: Did I mentioned the series is called "Brudenell"?

Mom: Oh! That's ok then.

We could be our own Paderno commercial.  Oh...and Brudenell is a neighbouring community to my home town.

(My flatware isn't available any more but they do have another set on now. It even comes with a case.)