In defense of my hold list

[I'm feeling like total crap today so I'm posting something I started this weekend and didn't post. And somehow I accidentally marked everything as read in my bloglines so if you've posted in the last two days chances are I missed it.]

So I recently posted how I maxed out my hold list at the library. And I realized that I'm very lucky that I'm allowed to place holds on so many items. And that I'm able to place holds on items that are currently on order/in process status.

But that is part of my problem.

I have 40 items on hold. Of those 20.5 of them are items with the status of on order/in process. The 0.5 is due to one book for which half the copies are in circulation and half are stll on order.

Now do we want to start making bets on how many of these 20.5 items I will get in one swoop? I could be in trouble there....