Greetings from the futon

I basically felt like death warmed over this morning. I got up shortly after my alarm went off. Took out the trash cause it's trash day. Hopped in the shower. The entire time I was in the shower I was *very* tempted to lie down in the shower. Not generally a good sign. I thought maybe it was just a hangover from all my headaches. But I didn't feel pukey and I usually feel pukey with a headache hangover.

So when I got out of the shower I threw on some clothes (scrubs and a ratty sweatshirt do count as clothes although I don't recommend wearing them in public) and fed my cat. I collapsed on the futon while my coffee was brewing. After about 30 minutes I figured this wasn't going to go bye-bye so I logged into work, told my team I was going AWOL and crawled back into bed.

I don't know if I really slept. I might have, very lightly, for a very short period of time. My DAMN CAT woke me up. It turns out that Piper has discovered how to open my closet doors (I've suspected for awhile that she could do this) decided that just as I was falling asleep/was just barely asleep was a very good time to go spelunking. Damn stupid smart cat. Oh well. My best friend called me shortly after that anyway. She had noticed that I wasn't online and was calling to make sure I was really alive.

My entire body feels like it weights five times it's normal weight. Sitting up in a chair took more energy than I had. I dug out my loonnggggg internet cord from when I lived with the roomies from hell (I do have a wireless connection but can't connect to the work server on it). I propped myself on futon and have checked my email periodically through the day. All in all I've worked about an hour today? There's nothing that I absolutely *must* get done today so I don't feel too bad about not working. I'll just have to make up the hours later which sucks. I do have banked hours but I need them for when I get my teeth out. (speaking of which...I just realized my wisdom teeth come out the same day as the Grey's Anatomy season premiere. I guess I'll be getting someone to tape it for me.)

In all honesty, I think I'm just tired. August was really busy for me work wise. I worked a fair number of extra hours and I didn't take great care of myself. Plus I wasn't sleeping. Because I was always tired I did piss poor in the eating well category. Ok, ok. I did piss poor at eating anything other than popcorn for dinner. And forgetting to each lunch. And then last week was headache week. I think it's just everything combining and leaving me feeling kind of exhausted.

I really don't think it's anything that lots of rest and good food won't take care of - the only problem is finding the energy to cook said good food. I have chicken parmesan (ok, technically it's chicken romano cause I don't have any parmesan) planned for tonight (I'm assuming my chicken had finally defrosted). I think I'm going to have to make it soon because I'm really tired and if I don't do it now I probably wont.

I need someone to visit me and cook for me for a week.

EDIT: Deby growled at me earlier today to go to the doctor. So that's already been taken care of. Feel free to not do that.