Baby, it’s getting cold outside

It's chilly. It's fall. Leaves are starting to fall. I'm wearing sweaters and going out in hunt of new long sleeved shirts. I'm going to add a duvet to my bed as soon as I can either find or make a duvet cover that fits.

It's getting cold outside. And that means it's time for a fall tradition in my kitchen. This started 4 or 5 years ago. Wayyy back when I used to frequent the message boards at a popular woman's site. At the time I was in love with Second Cup's Cranberry Cider (hmmm it doesn't seem to even be on their menu sad!). I asked if anyone had a recipe for cranberry cider and Denise tracked down one for me (at least I think it was Denise...).

I know longer have the original recipe. Ok, I could probably track it down somewhere if I *really* looked but I've made it enough times to wing it.
Warm Cranberry Cider

1 jug of cranberry juice
about 1/4 cup honey
cinnamon sticks
whole cloves
zest from an orange
dried cranberries

Throw everything in a crockpot and let it get hot. I usually put it on high until it's hot and then I turn it down to "keep warm" for the rest of the day. Ladle into mugs.

I made this once for American Thanksgiving at a friends house and ended up giving out the recipe to several of the guests.

banana.gif Monkey Note 1: Even though the recipe calls for dried cranberries I usually leave them out. I found they just got in the way and after I removed them I didn't really notice a difference.

banana.gif Monkey Note 2: This is *sticky* when it cools. You might want to have a cloth at a ready to mop up spills while it's still warm. And rinse your mugs when you are finished.

banana.gif Monkey Note 3: I will make this on a cool Friday evening or Saturday morning and pretty much leave it in the crockpot all weekend. I have one of those crockpots where the pot comes out of the appliance and I'll just take it out and stick it in otu fridge and then pop it in again the next morning.

banana.gif Monkey Note 4: If you have a bulk store near you pick up your cinnamon sticks there. Wayyy cheaper.

EDIT: GAHHHHH!!! I hate it when the google spells check messes with the text. It deleted chunks of sentences and then randomly adds words to other places. Stupid spellcheck.