Pet Peeve

Seeing as I can only get good fresh fish from the St. Lawrence Market and I can't always get there when I want fish I do resort to fish in a box.  The key to buying fish in a box is to not get minced fish. Minced fish is scary.

And when you make fish you are going to make french fries too right?

So why can't the big guys make it so that the fish and the fries have to be cooked at the same temperature? Same with chicken fingers.

I suppose they make their french fries in a deep fryer. Don't get me wrong. Deep fried french fries are tasty. Especially if you make your french fries from real potatoes. Mmmmmmm.

Sorry. Got distracted and started drooling.

But i don't have a deep fryer and I don't particuarly want one. Then I'd feel obligated to ue and and cook fried food.  And that would make my tummy extremely unhappy.  (I do wholly confess to loving the deep fried fries you get a fairs though. Yum!)

But trying to cook fries and fish in the same oven when they have to be cooked at two different temperatures SUCKS.