With three containers piled high it's too high for Piper to jump up. So we're back to two. I could leave it at three and place one beside them except then I can't reach the window to open it.

My cat is a pain in the ass. But I made her that way so I guess I shouldn't complain too much eh?

I really wish I could think of a better solution that the boxes. You can kind of see them in this picture.

This picture was taken awhile ago but you can see where the boxes are (they have been replaced by the rubbermaid-like containers). My issue is that I can't use anything that is much longer than a banker's box. If I do then I can't reach the window. And I like opening it. It's the one window in the apartment that does tend to get a breeze come through it. As well, anything that goes there needs to be able to deal with a 12 lb cat jumping on it and using as a leaping point - both up and down - so it has to be sturdy. Meh. I had thoguht about building a wooden stairstep cabinet but I'm not sure how to make it sturdy enough for the space that it needs to go in.

Cats are a pain in the ass. Especially Piper's.