I didn't buy paint

Although I did got to the hardware store. I actually didn't buy anything there.

I did, however, head next door to the bargain store. It's also know to me and my friends as "the everything fell off a truck" store. We're suspicious of where these items come from. Not suspicious enough to not shop there though. I left with 4 Rubbermaid-like containers, each about the size of a bankers box and they will replace the bankers boxes on the ledge of my living room. I'd actually prefer to have them all hidden away but if I do that Piper won't be able to gt into the window and she loves going into the window. I can't deal with a depressed cat so they stay until the day that I think of another solution.

I also bought 6 glass containers with silver tops. I think they are about 1lt capacity (maybe 1.5). They don't match the ones that I already have but they are very similar. I was only going to get 4 but 6 fit inside my plastic container and for $2 each I might as well buy 6 as 4 right?

And then I had to carry them all home. So far I've emptied two bankers boxes. I threw out a bunch of magazines. By throw out I mean but them in the recycling bin. I honestly didn't even know I had them. I think I had set them aside to drop off at a community centre and then totally forgot about them. I figured after 6-8 months if I hadn't done anything with them I might as well just drop them in my recycling bin.

I've been home for about 20 minutes and it already looks like a tornado ripped through my apartment. And my arms are tired from carrying things home. Piper is hiding. I disturbed her nap and I think she's annoyed about it.

I see a lot of recycled/shredded paper in my future. Where on earth does all this paper come from???

Edit: Piper is being a pain in the ass. She won't listen to me. I'm trying to find out if the three boxes piles are too high for her but she won't go near them. Gah. I may have to resort to treats. She'll do damn near anything for treats.