HGTV is dangerous

As are designing blogs and magazines.

I'm soooo tempted to run up to the hardware store and buy paint. I want to pain some furniture. I really want to paint some furniture.  I'm soooo tempted. I may break before the day is over. Paint is on sale too... Of course then I'd have to deal with how to keep the cat out of the paint.  That's

I'm still on my organizing kick. You know, in case you hadn't guessed or anything.

I think I may breakdown and buy a tabletop and legs from Ikea for a new work area. I need to do some measureing first. There's a table top that I want but i'm not sure it's as big as I want. If not the biggest one only comes in white (or at least online...).

I'm sure this all due to the fact that I'm BORED.