Holy Sh#t!

I just got a shock.  One should not be shocked when they have a headache. It causes one to jump and that hurts one's head.

I posted earlier this week about how things must be improving with my credit.  I just checked my credit card balance because I put my surgery on it and wanted to see how scary the total looked now because lately I've been in danger of suffering from head-in-sanditis. It said that my balance available was more than my total available credit used to be. Somehow I've more than doubled the available credit on the card in the last week.

Also in the last week I've gotten the line of credit I mentioned earlier. On one hand I'm taking all this credit as a good sign that as far as the bank is concerned I'm a responsible grown-up type now instead of a starving student who uses her credit card to buy groceries so that she doesn't starve. On the other hand, the amount of credit I've gotten in the last week makes me kinda nervous.