No real update

I'm not reading much. A common refrain these days, I know. It's a good thing that I don't get sick often (not that I'm actually sick) because this whole healing thing is kicking my butt. Mostly I just lie on the couch and zone out with the tv and a book of sudoku puzzles. It's sooooo exciting here at Chez Sassymonkey.

Actually I did start reading To Kill a Mockingbird last night. I'm reading two chapters a night before bed because someone told me I should savour it. This is the only way I can think of to spread it out. Mind you I actually have to go and mark where that point is with a bookmark and read to that point. Because I rarely notice where chapters end. Does anyone else have this problem? It is very, very rare that it actually computes that I'm at the end of a chapter and I just keep on reading. To be perfectly honest I usually only notice when I'm really tired and want to get to the end of a chapter. Or when I'm reading non-fiction. I notice with non-fiction.