Things must be improving

A few years ago I approached my bank about a line of credit. I just wanted an itty-bitty amount really - enough so that I could enroll in a few courses and get my wisdom teeth out (I didn't have insurance then). Due to my lack on income, etc I was refused. Made sense. Still kinda stung though.

Then a couple of months I got a letter from them and ignored it. I opened it a few weeks ago and it was preapproval for a line of credit if I wanted it. I signed up for it, even though it's for a lot more money than I really want to have available to me. Why? Cause I'm still on contract at work and the thought of having a line of credit if I find myself suddenly out of a job come Jan 1 is rather comforting.

It's my goal not to use it...although it is a much lower interest rate than one of my credit cards and it's very tempting to transfer a credit card balance to it. It's something I'm doing to think about.

I also need to sit down and work out a "spending plan" - a devious way of saying budget. I so don' t want to do this but I so have to. Sigh. Money has been tight around here for the last couple of months and I really need to batten down the hatches with Christmas, etc coming up. Oh and the possibility that I might not have a job. (lalalalalalalalalalalala not thinking about that...oddly I do the same thing *at* work sometimes...:lol:)

And I really do need to start thinking about Christmas soon.  There's only something like 7 paychecks between now and then. (You all hate me now don't you?)

I'm still bruised. It's fadind but one of my veins is very...apparent and I don't like it. Stitches are driving me nuts and I hope they fall out soon. I'm finished with the antibiotics so I'm hoping that I'll have a bit more energy cause I've been exhausted all week. Oh and I think I've figured out how I can eat meat since I'm still mostly on mushy foods (cause chewing hurts my stitches. I'm going to get some pate and some soft bread and enjoy the meaty goodness.