So not fair

This whole 4 day long weekend thing would be far more enjoyable if it didn't involve dental surgery, drugs and a serious lack of carbs. I want pasta dammit!

It would also be nice if my attention span was more than 5 minutes. Neither books nor movies are holding my attention right now. Not even Meg Cabot's How to be Popular and Meg is always good for when I'm in a funk. I tried reading When She Was Queen, a beautiful collection of short stories by M.G. Vassanji (and sent to me by the wonderful Deanna at Random House) but I can't even focus long enough for a short story.

I was doing ok when I had magazines but I've run out.

And I really can't get over how there is nothing on TV on Saturday nights. At least hockey season starts soon and I can ignore the hockey game while I read just like I used to do when I was a kid. Ok, actually right now I'm half paying attention to Hockey: A People's History.

And due to this whole lack of reading thing I took a whole pile of books back to the library *unread* because looking at them was driving me nuts.