How to Be Popular

how to be popular>Despite the haze I've been in for the last few days (my pills seem to make me vaguely sleepy) I managed to finish Meg Cabot's How to be Popular. I decided that light and fluffy was the way to go. Focusing was still a bit of an issue...

The main character, Steph, is kind of a mix of Mia (the Princess Diaries books) and Sam (All American Girl books) . She made a mistake 5 years ago and now whenever someone makes a mistake or does something stupid it's known as "pulling a Steph Landry."

Her big mistake? Accidentally spilling a red Big Gulp on a popular girls white skirt. She's tired of paying for it. It was an accident. So Steph decides that with the help of a book she's going to become popular this year.

I found that this one lacked the usual funny stuff. And I wasn't a fan of most of the "friends". I mean, they were ok but they didn't really stand out. Ok, not totally true I liked Darlene but she's a "new" friend. Overall the book was missing some punch. And I'm not sure what I think about the whole Clinique promotion either - even if I actually do, coincidentally, use the 3-step skin line products in the promotion.