So I scored a duvet the other day. As I've mentioned I stayed with some wonderful friends right after I had my wisdom teeth. The day after they allowed me to go for a little walk on my own because they knew there was something I wanted to buy. There is a small bath and bedding store close to them that is moving locations and was having a clearance sale. I scored a king sized feather filled duvet for $60. I'm all about the feathers - feathers are warm.

Now come the problem. The duvet is 102 x 90 inches (or approc 260 x 228 cm).  Ikea king sized quilt covers? 259 x 218 cm. The majority of duvet covers? 102 x 86 inches or 100 x 90 inches.

I'm going to end up having to sew one aren't I? Slight problem with that - I can't sew straight.

Fun times. Funnnnn times.

(I really need my mommy to visit...)